Who we are

Ecoline is the designer and manufacturer of solar thermal air conditioners which are the most energy efficient air conditioners in the market today.

​Ecoline was founded on the belief that environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable options for commercial and residential use should be developed in order to leave a clean healthy world for generations to come. Since its inception in 2003, Ecoline has been developing and manufacturing products designed to minimise and eliminate harm to the environmentand ecosystems. Products have ranged from organic fertilisers to energy saving devices.

Based on the belief that renewable energy is a major solution to the global climate change threat, Ecoline redirected efforts towards the design of a solar thermal range of air conditioners. Using our propriety technology to harness the power of the sun to improve the energy efficiency of air conditioning, we developed the Ecoline range of solar thermal air conditions, capable of reducing energy consumption by 40%.

Our Mission

Ecoline is committed to play a leading role in the solar thermal industry with focus on continual improvement of products, management and service while minimising environmental impact of all our products and operations.

Our goal is to be world’s leading supplier of energy efficient and cost effective solar thermal air conditioning systems.