Schematic of Ecoline Solar Thermal System

Ecoline’s proprietary solar thermal air conditioning system is engineered to harness the cleanest and most inexhaustible form of all known energy sources – the SUN.

​Ecoline technology utilizes a proprietary thermal collector to convert both solar as well as ambient heat, to assist in the super-heating of the refrigerant by acting as an additional compressor, resulting in a substantial reduction of the work-load of the electrical compressor.

Energy Saving Calculations

The hybrid solar collector-compressor provide very attractive energy saving when the refrigerant temperature at condenser inlet (compressor exit) is typically in the range of 70°C up to 160°C. Energy savings are calculated by comparing the change in enthalpy of refrigerant through the electric compressor of both conventional and solar hybrid system. Energy saving, S, arising from the use of evacuated solar tubes with reduced compressor work-load is given by

𝑺 = 𝟏 − 𝒉𝟐−𝒉𝒙/𝒉𝟐−𝒉𝟏

* This translates into huge reduction in electricity consumption as the energy consumed by the work of the compressor constitutes more than 80% of the air conditioning system.
Temperature-Entropy Diagram of Ecoline Solar Thermal Assisted Air Conditioning System